Hutatma Smarak (Martyrs's Memorial) on Flora Square in Mumbai constructed in the memory of 106 people killed during the agitation for the creation of Unified Maharashtra. The two individuals in the monument represent the worker and the farmer.

Language Politics and Policy in Contemporary Maharashtra

Language politics in India Language politics as identity-based politics has been a subject of major political concern in post independence India. Real ...

Members of the Language-on-the-Move team enjoying an early end-of-year celebration at Macquarie University

Language on the Move 2014

The Language on the Move team is getting ready to take a break over the Festive Season and we wanted to share ...

This tweet says: "CSU issues correction: its proposal was translated into German incorrectly"


Germany is currently witnessing a delightful language ideological farce. It all started when the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party proposed last ...

Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken (Source:

Lost in bilingual parenting

It is not unusual for bilingual parents to experience a sense of bewilderment when it comes to language choice in the family. ...

2012 workshop on 'Linguistic Diversity and Social Inclusion in Australia' at Macquarie University

Linguistic diversity and social inclusion in Australia

How does language intersect with social inclusion in contemporary Australia? Do social inclusion policies address linguistic diversity? What do we know about ...

Livia and her classmates at a crossroads the year before applying for their Gymnasium streams (Switzerland, 2004)

Bilingual students at the crossroads

Secondary education as a monolingual fork in the road Let me bust a prevalent urban myth: You do not need to be ...

Visit the Bilingual Avenue!

Bilingual Avenue

Bilingual Avenue is an insightful and entertaining new website devoted to bilingual parenting and bilingual education. Bilingual Avenue features weekly podcasts, a ...

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The Launch
What is it like to call two countries home? What makes migrants move in the first place and how do they settle in a new society? What keeps them on the move? Where do they belong? On Japanese on the Move: Life Stories of | more
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Intercultural Communication A Critical Introduction

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