The researcher wearing a Zhuang employee's work uniform at the Black Clothes Zhuang House in the Ethnic Minorities Village, Nanning, China, 2014

Gaining a Green Thumb for Grassroots Language Activism

I was surprised, frankly, during my recent fieldwork to find Zhuang language being used in a QQ chatroom in China. Surprised because ...

A locutorio shop front in Barcelona (Source: El Periodico)

Language work in the internet café

There is now a well-established body of work exploring the language work provided by service workers in call centres and tourist businesses. ...

Graduating students at Anadolu University (Source: Anadolu University)

Internationalization as Englishization

  The process of internationalization of education has been a pivotal issue across the world, in particular with regards to the higher education ...

Linguistic diversity in Sydney (Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

Language deficit in super-diversity

The media in Anglophone countries regularly engage in a bit of a bragfest about the linguistic diversity of their cities. In Sydney, ...

For international students, it's sink or swim (Image source:

Sink-or-swim for international students

It is one of the basic findings of decades of research in bilingual education that language submersion is not a productive way ...

German International School Sydney

How the presence of a bilingual school changes the linguistic profile of a community

It is one of the great narratives of our time that the market will fix everything. In education this means that parental ...

Language needs in the hospitality sector in Pallars Sobirà, Catalonia (Source:

Language strategy in the hospitality sector

Multilingualism means business. The more foreign language skills are availalble to a company, the better it will be prepared to meet customers’ ...

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