Voice of China Sydney 2015, Program Booklet

Voice of China on the move

It’s a weeknight at the Sydney Town Hall, an ornate 19th century building in the city centre. Almost everyone bustling in the ...

Preschool in Karlsruhe, Germany (Source: DW)

Are the children of intermarried couples smarter?

Ever since my research for my 2002 book Bilingual Couples Talk I’ve regularly been told by people – or been asked to ...

"Naughty boys" in the media: image from the Channel 4 gangs and drugs drama "Top Boy"

Naughty boys trying to learn

Teacher expectations can constitute a self-fulfilling prophecy: teachers behave differently towards children depending on their expectations of them. The ways in which ...

Bilingualism has a gender

Bilingualism is good for you! … if you are a girl …

A while ago, I reported on the findings of a US study that demonstrated that children of immigrants who achieve high-level bilingual ...

"A translator's profession can never only entail rendering meaning from one language to another but always involves translating from one culture to another" (www.pictllp.eu/)

Intercultural Communication Training for Translators

The ever-more globalised world of today requires a new type of translator. Text genre, audience, style and register all maintain their relevance. ...

Panel on Representing Culturally Diverse Clients

We all have a culture, we all speak a language: the Australian legal system discusses diversity

Cultural Diversity and the Law: Access to justice in multicultural Australia was a conference held in Sydney on the 13th and 14th ...

'Soaking up English like a sponge:' The researcher's young son engrossed in a Thesaurus

‘Investing in language:' Why do we think about language education the way we do?

If someone cannot now learn their native language, adding a couple of foerign (sic) dead languages is not going to help them. ...

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The Launch of Japanese on the Move
The Launch
What is it like to call two countries home? What makes migrants move in the first place and how do they settle in a new society? What keeps them on the move? Where do they belong? On Japanese on the Move: Life Stories of | more
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