'Luxury permanent' Mongolian yurt for sale on Alibaba

Mongolian on the market

Last week when I saw in my friends’ Wechat group an advertisement for delicately made Mongolian yurts, I thought of an article ...

Linguistic diversity is valued in this school (Photo Courtesy of Angela Turzynski-Azimi)

Workshop: Language and migration

The 46th annual conference of the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) is being hosted by the University of Western Sydney in Parramatta. Conference dates: Wednesday ...

Children in a bilingual program in Hamburg (Source: AlsterKind)

Educational success through bilingual education

It is a key finding of contemporary educational research that the children of migrants experience educational disadvantage vis-à-vis their native-born peers. The ...

The language cringe of the native speaker

Keith: I’m still really shit at pronouncing Lisa’s surname. With the umlaut o. Hanna: What is Lisa’s surname? (laughter) Keith: Do I get three goes? (Keith, ...

Voice of China Sydney 2015, Program Booklet

Voice of China on the move

It’s a weeknight at the Sydney Town Hall, an ornate 19th century building in the city centre. Almost everyone bustling in the ...

Preschool in Karlsruhe, Germany (Source: DW)

Are the children of intermarried couples smarter?

Ever since my research for my 2002 book Bilingual Couples Talk I’ve regularly been told by people – or been asked to ...

"Naughty boys" in the media: image from the Channel 4 gangs and drugs drama "Top Boy"

Naughty boys trying to learn

Teacher expectations can constitute a self-fulfilling prophecy: teachers behave differently towards children depending on their expectations of them. The ways in which ...

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The Launch of Japanese on the Move
The Launch
What is it like to call two countries home? What makes migrants move in the first place and how do they settle in a new society? What keeps them on the move? Where do they belong? On Japanese on the Move: Life Stories of | more
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Intercultural Communication A Critical Introduction

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