Nizaqete Bislimi (Source: DuMont Verlag / Franz Brück)

Children as language brokers

Some of the most striking images from the refugees who have been trekking across Europe are of families and children. Beyond the ...

Who is a real refugee?

Who is a real refugee?

The refugee crisis in Europe has caught a lot of global media attention. Countries at the entry points and their official actions, ...

Condemned to consume

Bitter gifts: migrants’ exclusive inclusion

My migration newsfeed in the past few weeks has been dominated by news about the Syrian refugee crisis and the various European ...

High Court of Australia (Source: Wikipedia)

Don't know what jurisdictional error means? Some people's future depends on it

When people arrive in countries like Australia, seeking to be recognised as refugees and offered protection, it is obviously important that they ...

Parramatta Anglican Church (©Sadami Konchi)

Language and migration in Parramatta

The deadline to submit abstracts for papers to be presented at the 46th annual conference of the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) at ...

"The English" migrated to their "ancestral homeland" in the first few centuries of the Common Era (Source: Wikipedia)

Getting past the ‘indigenous’ vs. ‘immigrant’ language debate

“Indigenous languages” and “immigrant languages” are much discussed in language policy research, but surprisingly little time is spent actually defining those terms. ...

Benz, Victoria. 2015. Dynamics of bilingual early childhood education: Parental attitudes and institutional realisation. PhD. Macquarie University.

Dynamics of bilingual early childhood education

Victoria Benz recently completed her PhD thesis about “Dynamics of bilingual early childhood education: Parental attitudes and institutional realisation.” The thesis is now available ...

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The Launch
What is it like to call two countries home? What makes migrants move in the first place and how do they settle in a new society? What keeps them on the move? Where do they belong? On Japanese on the Move: Life Stories of | more
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Intercultural Communication A Critical Introduction

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