Language needs in the hospitality sector in Pallars Sobirà, Catalonia (Source:

Language strategy in the hospitality sector

Multilingualism means business. The more foreign language skills are availalble to a company, the better it will be prepared to meet customers’ ...

Auburn parking ticket (left: quadrilingual on back; right: city logo on front)

Multilingual mismatch

In Australia with its persistent monolingual mindset coming across any kind of official institutional multilingual communication always feels like a minor triumph. ...

Yangshuo's West Street (Source: chinatravelca)

English in the Global Village

Tourism has been found to be beneficial for minority language maintenance in a number of contexts from around the world. For instance, ...

Schneider, Britta. 2014. Salsa, Language and Transnationalism. Multilingual Matters.

Bodies on the Move: Salsa, Language and Transnationalism

In my post on English in Berlin, I wondered what is required for a language to become ‘local’, and about the perhaps ...

Website of the German Club Montevideo, founded in 1866

Superdiversity: another Eurocentric idea?

The current issue of Begegnung (“Encounter”), the magazine of German International Schools, has a feature about the German School in Montevideo, Uruguay. ...

Actress Noemí Busquets as the wise yet naughty Esperanceta Gassia at the Ecomuseu de les Valls d’Àneu during the theatrical night visit to the ethnographic museum of Esterri d’ Àneu in Pallarès

Pallarès, Catalan, the Pyrenees and tourism in global times

When thinking of promoting tourism in a mountainous area of the Catalan Pyrenees it might seem as if using Pallarès, the local ...

Chinese university students in a debate, 2011 (Photo by Nikki Feng)

Language learning through public speaking

Public speaking can constitute an excellent language learning tool, as I discovered through participating in public speaking activities in China. Over time ...

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