Nanai/Hezhe children (Source: Wikipedia)

Access denied

We have often examined here on Language on the Move how ‘English for all’ educational policies entrench inequality rather than alleviate disadvantage ...

Diversity in early childhood education: valued or silenced? (Source:

Paying lip-service to diversity

Bilingual education presents a major conundrum in contemporary diverse societies: on the one hand, bilingualism and diversity more generally are applauded in ...

2014 NAPLAN Year 3 Numeracy test results by language status

Dodgy data and language misdiagnosis

In Australia the results of last year’s round of student and school performance on national standardized testing have just been published. As ...

Meat workers, Fletcher Abattoir (Source: SheepCRC)

Is language learning on the job the best way to learn a new language?

One of the most famous research subjects to ever have participated in second language learning research is a man known in the ...

Linguistic diversity is valued in this school (Photo Courtesy of Angela Turzynski-Azimi)

Plurilingual pre-service teachers

‘What’s your nash, miss?’ Plurilingual pre-service teachers preparing to teach in Sydney schools What is it like to be a plurilingual pre-service teacher, ...

Australia-China Youth Dialogue 2014

The long conversation: Australia and China

I recently returned from the Australia China Youth Dialogue in Beijing, my head buzzing with new ideas. The Dialogue promotes “more sophisticated ...

The native speaker concept

In my own research, I have frequently run into difficulty in talking about a ‘native speaker’. What criteria must be met to ...

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