Il-Khan Hülegü and his queen, Doquz Khatun, a Syriac Christian, as depicted in the Jami al-Tawarikh (Source: Wikipedia)

Cultural brokering

Recently, I signed a contract for a revised second edition of my 2011 book Intercultural Communication: A Critical Introduction to be published ...

A monument near Baganuur (Outer Mongolia) with an inscription of poem "My Native Land" by Natsagdorj (Source: Wikipedia)

‘Detours’ taken by Mongols on WeChat

In the middle school Mongolian textbooks there is a well-known text called “Huuchin Huu” (“A young man fallen behind the times”) written ...

Tapas bar Samsara

Strolling in Barcelona with Sanskrit and Devanāgarī

Strolling in Barcelona’s city center reveals an astounding variety of spoken languages: there are the languages used by the throngs of visitors ...

Lantern Making (©Sadami Konchi)

Language and migration workshop

The program for the “Language and Migration” workshop in Parramatta on Friday, December 11, 2015 is now available. The workshop is part ...

Do clouds over VW equal clouds over Germany?

“Made in Germany” at risk? Volkswagen and the German trademark

The Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal has received significant media coverage in and outside of Germany. Besides accounts of the developments that led ...

Malay Sketches

Editor's note: We are delighted to bring to our readers today another outstanding experience of bilingual creativity, the poem Malay Sketches by Sydney author ...

Nizaqete Bislimi (Source: DuMont Verlag / Franz Brück)

Children as language brokers

Some of the most striking images from the refugees who have been trekking across Europe are of families and children. Beyond the ...

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The Launch of Japanese on the Move
The Launch
What is it like to call two countries home? What makes migrants move in the first place and how do they settle in a new society? What keeps them on the move? Where do they belong? On Japanese on the Move: Life Stories of | more
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Intercultural Communication A Critical Introduction

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