Sociolinguistics of identity in Iran

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Sociolinguistics of identity in Iran

Languages of the Middle East (Source: The Gulf/2000 Project)

The next seminar of the 2012 series of Applied Linguistics seminars at Macquarie University will be held on Tuesday, September 04:

The Sociolinguistics of Identity in Iran

When: Tue 04/09, 1:00-2:00pm; Where: W5C 221

Presenter: Saeed Rezaie, Sharif University of Technology

Abstract: This presentation provides an introduction to the diverse languages, dialects, ethnicities, and cultures of Iran and discusses their place in Iranian language education programs. Then, different definitions of identity are outlined in order to explicate how identity research gradually found its way into applied linguistics research. Afterwards an ethnographic case study in Tehran on an Iranian learning English is reported to observe how his identity was influenced by the Anglo-American language and culture. Finally, a nation-wide in-progress sociolinguistic study is reported to show how Iranian English language learners’ demographic information is related to their linguistic and cultural identity (re)construction. Using Structural Equation Modeling, a model of linguistic-cultural identity in Iran is presented and its components are elaborated. Theoretical and practical significance and implications of the research are put forth and subsequently some under-researched topics are suggested for further research.

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