Download your ten favorite Multilingua articles for free!

By July 22, 2016News

s01678507Publishing house De Gruyter Mouton is celebrating their stellar performance in the 2015 Impact Factor ratings by giving you the opportunity to explore De Gruyter’s top 10 social sciences impact factor journals and 10 journal articles – of your choice – to download for free!

The sociolinguistics journal Multilingua, whose editor-in-chief is none other than our very own Ingrid Piller, is one of De Gruyter’s 2015 Top 10 Social Sciences journals – so please make use of this opportunity!


  • Provides an international forum for interdisciplinary research on linguistic diversity in social life
  • Facilitates exchange of information and experience between academics and practitioners
  • Focuses on neglected sociolinguistic contexts worldwide
  • Features special issues allowing in-depth exploration of specific topics

Multilingua_acces tokenHow to get access to your 10 free articles

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2. In your account: Enter the Access Token IF2015-ALL in the space provided.
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