Visit the Bilingual Avenue!

Visit the Bilingual Avenue!

Bilingual Avenue is an insightful and entertaining new website devoted to bilingual parenting and bilingual education. Bilingual Avenue features weekly podcasts, a blog and a resources section.

The weekly podcasts feature interviews with parents, teachers and experts about their language journeys, bilingual parenting and language learning generally. So far, six podcasts have been published. The very first podcast introduces the language learning journey of the curator of Bilingual Avenue, Marianna du Bosq. Marianna speaks about the challenges she faced as a teenager moving from Venezuela to the USA. The experience of having to learn a new language and a new culture has shaped not only her career trajectory and personal journey but has also inspired her to start Bilingual Avenue.

A fascinating parent interview is with Andrey Kneller, who moved to the USA from Russia as a ten-year-old. Now an adult, Andrey is a high school maths teacher who writes bilingual poetry in English and Russian in his spare time. He is also raising a three-year-old daughter and speaks about the challenges the little girl, who is currently Russian-dominant, has encountered on American playgrounds.

One of the first expert interviews on the show is with our very own Ingrid Piller, who speaks about the hallmarks of a good language program and how to identify a good school for bilingual and multilingual children.

A full list of the Bilingual Avenue podcasts can be found on itunes. Check them out! And see you on the avenue, as Marianna says.

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