2011 HDR Excellence Award for Yang Hongyan

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A/Prof L. Yates, Hongyan Yang, Prof J. Piper

Yang Hongyan 杨红艳 received a 2011 Higher Degree Research Excellence Award from the Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University. Congratulations, Hongyan!

After Vera W. Tetteh in 2008 and Jenny Zhang in 2010, Hongyan is the third member of the Language-on-the-Move team to win this prestigious award! We are not sure in which direction the causality works but we are very proud of the obvious correlation between Language-on-the-Move and research excellence! 🙂

Hongyan’s research, which is supervised by A/Prof. Lynda Yates and Prof. Ingrid Piller, concerns the language policies, language ideologies and practices of the Naxi ethnic minority in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Her research aims to contribute to literatures on language policies and ideologies of Chinese, English and Naxi language teaching, learning and practice in Lijiang, and language learning and identity negotiation. Hongyan has blogged about her research here.

Hongyan was one of several award recipients this year and was chosen on the basis of the outstanding progress she has made in her doctoral research; her success in winning grants for two additional research projects devoted to English teaching and learning; her participation at domestic and international conferences; and her publications, which include a single-authored book, two articles in peer-reviewed journals, two articles in university journals in China, and a book chapter. The award was announced by Professor Jim Piper, Macquarie University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research.


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  • Hongyan

    Dear Ingrid, thank you very much for posting the news! It’s very precious experience to be a student of Lynda and you. Thank you for leading me into sociolinguistics! Thank you very much for your supervision and all you have done for me!

  • Fantastic news! Well done, Hongyan and congrats to the team!

  • loy

    Congratualtions, Hongyan! And congratulations, to Ingrid and Lynda, too.

  • vahid

    Congratulations, Hongyan!
    And good to see Lynda in the pic, too! 😉

  • cba

    Well done, Hongyan, that is quite an impressive list of publications and other achievements during your doctoral research. I’m really happy for you, as it must feel very gratifying to be acknowledged in this way, after so much hard work.

    All the best,
    Donna B

  • Dariush Izadi

    Congratulations Hongyan. This is a considerable and impressive achievement! Good luck with your future research and everything.

  • Joan

    Well done Hongyan. All your hard work and late nights have paid off.
    Best Wishes,

  • Ling Zheng & Jianwei Lin

    Hi, Dear Hongyan
    Congratulations to you! Well done! All your hard works must lead you to reach this height, you deserve it. We are proud of you, and expect to see you gain higher achievements in the coming future.

  • Xiaoxiao Chen


    My warmest Congratulations! Your amazing achievements beyond your PhD thesis are so admirable! You are the pride of us Chinese students here! It was a pity that I missed the moment when you received the award. But I could see your happiest smile from the picture:-)

  • Nicholas/Shizhou

    Congratulations, Hongyan! Wow, well done!

  • Hongyan

    Dear all (including the friends who sent me emails),

    Thank you very much for your friendship and warm encouragement. I will write up my thesis full of beans/your encouragement. I hope that I will be able to write a thesis as excellent as what Kimie, Zhang Jie, Donna and Shizhou/Nicholas have already excellently exampled.

    All the best to you, your family and everything,

  • Steel Wong

    Congratualtions, Hongyan! I am very proud of you. You won’t surprise me for you are such a capable lady.

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