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Not pork but bacon

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Rashid is an overseas graduate student at an Australian university. He is a Muslim from the Middle East, and this is the story of how he inadvertently ate pork during his first week in Australia. New on campus, his office mates asked him to join them for lunch in the university’s cafeteria. The cafeteria has a food-court set-up with stalls representing a diversity of cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and

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Chinese version of my recent blog post about Chinglish Translated by Zhang Jie (张洁); 译文:张洁 设想某日《纽约时报》向读者征集最喜爱的金发女郎笑话[1]或者有色人种所做的最滑稽的事。再设想该活动开展后迅速充斥了整个网络空间,任何对性别或种族问题有所兴趣的人都在博客、facebook和微博上热烈讨论着,甚至连从事性别和种族研究的学者们也开始群情激昂地对金发女郎或有色人种的荒谬行径提供种种分析。

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