Kimie Takahashi Postdoctoral Fellow at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

高橋 君江

高橋 君江 is Visiting Associate Professor at International Christian University, Tokyo. Before joining ICU in 2014, she was Lecturer at the Graduate School of English at Assumption University of Thailand (2011-2014) and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Macquarie University, Australia (2007 and 2011). During her three-year appointment at Macquarie University, she mainly worked on an ethnographic study of the role of language in tourism between Australia and Japan (funded by a Macquarie University Research Development Grant, awarded to and directed by Ingrid Piller). Kimie is an Honorary Associate in the Department of Linguistics, and continues to co-supervise several PhD students with Ingrid at Macquarie University.

The main areas of Kimie’s research interests are bilingualism and second language learning and use in transnational contexts. She is particularly interested in the link between gender, race and language learning, which she addresses in her new book Language Learning, Gender and Desire: Japanese Women on the Move (2013, Multilingual Matters).

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Scholarly Books:

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Commissioned Reports:

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