Name: John Black
Research Fellow, the University of New South Wales
Interview Location: 
The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

“I wasn’t disappointed at all”, says John Black, a research fellow at the University of New South Wales, as he recalls his first visit to Japan. Since then, John has visited the country numerous times and calls it his ‘second home’. He was a visiting professor at Nagoya University (2005), Saitama University (2003) and Tohoku University (1999-2000; 2008-9); he was also a research fellow at Nagoya University (2004) and Tohoku University (2010) on the Promotion of Science Fellowships. In this video, John talks about his belief about English as a language of science and how, because of this, he resisted learning Japanese during his first long-term stay in 1999. As a long-term resident in Sendai, he’s determined to help the people devastated by the March 01 tsunami, which he narrowly escaped.

職業: ニューサウスウェールス大学 リサーチフェロー
ロケ地: The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia