Name: Angela Turzynski-Azimi
First arrival in Japan: 1989
First arrival in Australia: 1998
Occupation: Translator

Angela Turzynski-Azimi first arrived in Japan as an English teacher in the 1990s. Having studied Japanese language and literature at London University in the UK, she was keen to learn real Japanese by living among the locals. The last thing she expected was to meet and fall in love with an international student from Iran. His work later took them to Melbourne, Australia, where their child was born. When their son was three years old, they had the chance to live in Japan again – this time as a family. The three of them felt very much at home in Japan but Angela had growing concerns about the way their son was treated at school. It was the issue of what kind of education they want for their son that brought the family back to Australia, where Japanese remains their home language.
Angela has published essays about her experiences of international parenting in Call me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering and on the Language-on-the-Move blog.


ツジンスキー-アズミ・アンジェラさんは英語教師として90年代に初来日された。イギリスのロンドン大学で日本語と文学を学んだ後、日本で生の日本語を習得するのが目的だった。その為、イランからの留学生と出会い恋愛が始まったのは予期しなかった事とお話してくれた。旦那様のお仕事の関係でメルボルンに移り住んだ際に息子さんが誕生。息子さんが3歳の頃ご主人の仕事の関係で家族そろって日本に住む機会が訪れた。3人とも日本に馴染んでいたが、アンジェラさんは息子さんの日本での教育に心配が膨らんでいった。息子さんの教育の事を一番に考え、オーストラリアに移住する選択をした。現在お住まいのシドニーでも日本語が家族の共通語だという。「Call me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering」はアンジェラさんの書著で国際的な環境で子育てする体験談を書かれている。Language on the Move宛てに書き下ろして頂いたブログもお読みください(ブログを読む)。