Name: Michihiro and Sanae Toda
Citizenship: Japanese
Location: Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Michihiro and Sanae first met on the Gold Coast during their one-year working holidays in the late 1980s. When they returned to Japan, Sanae missed Australia so much that she encouraged her new husband to apply for permanent residency and they migrated in 1992. Returning to the Gold Coast, Michihiro built a successful tour company catering to Japanese tourists. His English was limited back then and he openly admits that he doesn’t like speaking English even today. However, that has never been a barrier to his success in Australia. After selling his company in the early 2000s, Michihiro and Sanae travelled to several countries in Asia and fell in love with Bangkok, Thailand. They moved to Thailand in 2010 and Kimie caught up with them in Michihiro’s new company office in fashionable Thonglor. In this video, they reflect on their years in Australia and their reason for the move from Australia to Thailand. Sanae speaks of her desire to travel more in the future once their children become independent, and Michihiro talks about their three homes and beyond.