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[tab: Abstract]
Charlotte Setijadi George MajorAgnes TerraschkeEmployment, workplace participation, and settlement success among recent migrants

Charlotte Setijadi, George Major & Agnes Terraschke
Joining the Australian workforce is often perceived as a quick way for recent migrants to improve language skills and integrate into the wider community. However, it can be very difficult for newly-arrived migrants to find work in their desired field for a variety of reasons. This presentation reports on migrants’ experiences with finding employment, based on a detailed thematic and case study analysis of interviews with a group of recent migrants who attended English classes at the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). The data was collected as part of the AMEP Longitudinal Study, a qualitative longitudinal research project funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, which was designed to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between language learning and settlement among migrants. From the interviews it emerged that finding suitable employment in Australia constitutes a very important aspect of the settlement process, both for financial and self-fulfilment reasons. Nevertheless, many migrants face being underemployed, or have difficulty ‘fitting in’ to Australian workplace cultures.

[tab: Charlotte Setijadi]
Charlotte Setijadi Charlotte Setijadi is a Researcher on the AMEP Longitudinal Study at Macquarie University. She is also a final-year PhD Candidate in Anthropology at La Trobe University and her thesis examines the relationship between historical memory and identity construction among young middle-class Chinese in post-Suharto Indonesia.
[tab: George Major]
George MajorGeorge Major is a Researcher on the AMEP Longitudinal Study at Macquarie University. Her recently submitted PhD thesis is an interactional sociolinguistics study of healthcare interpreting. George’s research interests lie mainly in the area of sociolinguistics, and she has experience collecting and analysing interaction data in a variety of workplace and institutional settings.
[tab: Agnes Terraschke]
Agnes TerraschkeAgnes Terraschke is the project manager on the AMEP Longitudinal Study at Macquarie University. Within the project, she has a particular interest in family language policy among migrants. Agnes completed her PhD on the use of pragmatic devices by non-native speakers of New Zealand English in 2008, and has published several articles and chapters in the field of cross-cultural pragmatics. She also serves on the scientific committee for this workshop.
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