Language on the Move visitor from Austria

By May 20, 2010News

Marlene Gomig & Ingrid PillerIn the past three months, Marlene Gomig, a PhD student at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, visited Australia for fieldwork and took the opportunity to meet up with fellow language-on-the-movers at Macquarie University. Marlene is in the early stages of her PhD project about multilingualism in Austrian and Australian tourist sites. Her fieldwork in Australia involved data collection at the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach, Penguin Parade on Philipp Island, Frazer Island and Uluru. Sounds too good to be true as a PhD project? Well, before she left, Marlene shared her data and initial findings in a seminar with Ingrid’s and Kimie’s PhD students so we know that she worked hard. Good luck, Marlene, with your work and we will be looking forward to hearing more about your research!