Language and migration in Parramatta

By August 19, 2015Migration
Parramatta Anglican Church (©Sadami Konchi)

Parramatta Anglican Church (©Sadami Konchi)

The deadline to submit abstracts for papers to be presented at the 46th annual conference of the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) at the University of Western Sydney in Parramatta is getting closer: September 01.

The conference dates are Wednesday 9 December – Friday 11 December.

As part of the conference a workshop devoted to “Language and migration” is being convened by Ingrid Piller and Donna Butorac. We invite relevant abstracts. Visit the call for papers and view an overview of the workshop here.

Parramatta is the home of linguist-artist Sadami Konchi. Sadami is an enthusiastic children’s picture book illustrator, award winning portraitist and event/conference sketcher. Sadami uses the research skills gained in her linguistics and sociology degrees to capture insights from a text and conceptualise them in fine art for multifarious subjects.

To whet your appetites for the sights of multicultural Parramatta, Sadami has agreed to host a virtual exhibition of some of her Parramatta-related drawings here on Language on the Move. Most of these images were first published in the book Speak Out: 30 Migrant Women Tell Their Stories, published by the Immigrant Women’s Association of NSW in 2012.

Sadami will be hosting a solo exhibition “People of Parramatta” at Riverside Theatres Parramatta from Monday, 16 November until Sunday 13th December. The exhibition features, inter alia, the original sketches of the images shown here. The dates of the exhibition have been specially extended to include the conference dates!

Enjoy and don’t forget that deadline! Looking forward to seeing you in Parramatta in December!