Name: Hossein Azimi
First arrival in Japan: 1986
First arrival in Australia: 1998
Occupation: Medical engineer

When Hossein Azimi arrived in Japan as an international student from Iran in 1986, he knew no Japanese whatsoever and had to learn the language from scratch. After four years of studying Japanese, he was admitted to Tokyo University of Science and graduated six years later with a master’s degree in engineering. In this video, Hossein shares his experiences of learning Japanese as an adult and also tells of his job search following graduation. Hossein lived in Japan for 12 years until his company sent him to Melbourne and he started a new life in Australia. Missing Japan and now with a young child, he returned to Japan for another four and a half years in 2005. Now back in Australia, he still considers Japan home and Japanese remains his family’s main language but they also speak English and Persian.