Name: Haruhiro Murakami
Hometown: Wajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Arrival in Australia: 2006
Occupation: Chef
Location: Chinatown, Sydney, NSW, Australia

When he decided to close his ramen restaurant in Ehime Prefecture, Haruhiro Murakami wanted a change in his life. After years of non-stop hard work, a working holiday in Australia seemed like an attractive option. As soon as he arrived in Sydney in 2006, he found a job with I’s Holdings and started to work as a ramen chef at one of the company’s restaurants, Menya. His cooking skills and dedication to perfection in the art of ramen have proven to be an asset to his employer, who consequently sponsored his business visa. In this interview, Haruhiro talks about the reason for leaving Japan, language learning and intercultural communication at work as well as his future aspirations of going back to Japan to give back to his home town.

氏名:村上 晴広
職業:ラーメンシェフ めんや

今回のJapanese on the Moveに登場するのはシドニー在住の村上晴広さん。愛媛県でラーメン店を経営していたが、利益が出にくかった為閉店し、新しい環境を求めワーキングホリデーとして2006年に来豪する。到着後はI’s Holdings経営の人気ラーメンショップ「めんや」にシェフとして就職。会社への貢献が認められ、ビジネスビザをサポートしてもらえる機会を得た。このビデオでは日本を離れた理由、職場でのコミュニケーションそして将来の夢を中心にお話頂いた。