Happy Norouz!

By March 20, 2012News

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  • Happy Norouz – we’ll be going to Nana in Bangkok to join in the celebration tonight!

  • vahid

    Thank you so much, lng-on-the-move!
    Happy Norouz!

  • Arshad Baig (Karachi, Pakistan)

    Happy Norouz!!!!

    May the blessings of Norouz showers on all of us…..

    Thank you so mcuh for informative post as well.

  • Dariush Izadi

    A big thank you should go out to Language on the move!!
    It’s really sad when people here in Australia don’t know much about Norouz compared to the Chinese New Year! I’ve been flicking through all the newspapers (listening to the radio as well) since yesterday but unfortunately haven’t been able to find anything as to what Norouz is and what Iranians do on this day!!

    • Thanks, Dariush! I was particularly disappointed with SBS, our supposedly multicultural broadcaster, who in the evening news yesterday had a piece about a minor speech by a minor British royal but nothing about Norouz. In the weather forecast, they mentioned that it was the last day of winter in Canada (why Canada was singled out from all the countries in the Northern Hemisphere I have no way of knowing …)

  • golnaz

    It’s our pleasure receiving happy Norouz here .

    best wishes ,

    Happy Norouz

  • Isbah

    Happy Norouz-the beginning of a new year and the celebration of spring.

  • Asma Fatehali (Karachi, Pakistan)

    Thanks for sharing this ritual ceremony. Wish you happy Norouz Mubarak. May this new year brings lot of happiness, success, prosperity for all of us.

  • khan

    Kushhali Mubarak- Norouz Mubarak to everyone. At Aga Khan University, sweets were distributed and our Ismaili Muslim friends celeberated Nourouz with special prayers at Jammat Khana. As my boys study in a school run by Zoroastrian community in Karachi, they keep informing us about the holiday for Norouz days but it is perhaps only their school that celeberates Norouz- the rest is silence.

    Thanks Language- on- the- move. I greatly appreciate this gesture of truly multicultural website.

    Khan ( boys are also wishing: Norouz mubarak to all of daddy’s friend!)

  • shiva

    Please accept my belated “Happy Norouz”. Thanks to Language on the Move and all friends there who shared nice comments. Wish you all a year full of joy and success.. Happy Persian New Year 🙂

  • Atena

    I wish a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a healthy body for all of you at the beginning of this year.Noruoz mobarak