Applied Linguistics @MQ: Biliteracy concepts challenging the monolingual habitus

By May 27, 2012News

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The next seminar of the 2012 series of Applied Linguistics seminars at Macquarie University will be held on Monday, June 04:

Biliteracy concepts challenging the monolingual habitus

When: Mon, June 04, 12:00-1:00pm; Where: W5C 221

Presenter: Victoria Benz, Macquarie University and Hamburg University

Abstract: “Bildungssprache Deutsch”: Speaking German in Germany is crucial for a child’s academic success. Teaching children from diverse language backgrounds has become the norm and ironically so has the submersion method (or swim-or-sink method), where all children are taught together in one classroom in one language (German) only.

A biliteracy concept for children of Turkish descent at a multilingual school in Germany has been developed and will be reviewed by presenting an overview of the theoretical framework and its components on one hand and its practical realisation and outcome on the other. The latter is being evaluated by analysing student’s writing skills in both languages. The results are being used to discuss the concept’s future practicability and chances for individuals, schools and the society as a whole.

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