Applied Linguistics @MQ: An Impact Study of IELTS in Cambodia

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The next seminar of the 2012 series of Applied Linguistics seminars at Macquarie University will be held on Monday, May 28:

An Impact Study of IELTS in Cambodia

When: Mon 28/05, 2:00-3:00pm; Where: W5C 221

Presenter: Stephen Moore, Macquarie University

Abstract: This presentation will explore the impact of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in Cambodia by way of an impact case study. Cambodia does not feature as a major IELTS test taking population in terms of number of test takers, nor does Khmer feature as a major language of IELTS test takers. One could say, therefore, that Cambodia does not have a high profile in the context of IELTS; but IELTS does have a high profile in the context of Cambodia, especially in terms of its role as the major gate-keeper for overseas study opportunities. To best understand the impact of IELTS in Cambodia, a critical language testing (CLT) perspective is needed.

Despite CLT being widely known as a theoretical concept, there are very few published studies that claim to be examples of CLT in practice. The present study is such an example.

The first part of the presentation will be concerned with this study’s design, including the range of data collection instruments; the second part will focus on the application of Shohamy’s (2001) CLT principles, through Lynch’s (2001) framework.

Lynch, B (2001) Rethinking assessment from a critical perspective. Language Testing 18(4), 351-372.
Shohamy, E (2001) The Power of Language Tests: A critical perspective on the use of language tests. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education.

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  • abdullah

    I wanted to attend this event unfortunately I had some issues preventing me from going .. is there any video recording of the seminar ?