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A newly-minted PhD after the viva session (left to right): Dr Sebba, Dr Khan, Prof Martin-Jones

A newly-minted PhD after the viva session (left to right): Dr Sebba, Dr Khan, Prof Martin-Jones

The Language on the Move community is pleased to count another PhD amongst our team.

We are delighted to announce that Muhammad Ali Khan, a former ALMA awardee and regular contributor, has had a successful PhD viva on April 22, 2013 at the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, UK. His PhD research was about ‘Social meanings of language policy and practices: A critical, linguistic ethnographic study of four schools in Pakistan’ and the abstract is available here. His PhD work was supervised by Dr. Mark Sebba and his thesis was examined by Prof. Marilyn Martin-Jones as External Examiner and Dr. Uta Papen as Internal Examiner.

Furthermore, Khan has recently been selected as a Principal Candidate for a Fulbright Scholar Award to conduct research in the United States during the 2013-2014 academic year. His host institution in the USA will be the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Congratulations, Khan!

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  • vahid

    Congratulations, Khan!
    I wish you every success in your future endeavours. Keep up the good work and please stay in touch!

  • Kerry Taylor-Leech

    Many, many congratulations Khan! And how great to hear you are moving on to UPenn. Reach for the stars!

  • Shiva

    Well done and Congratulations Khan! I wish you every success in all the oppotunities that are coming your way with this great achievement!

  • Li Jia

    Congratulations Dr. Khan! I wish to read more of your posts in future!

  • Guo JIan

    Congratulations Dr. Khan! I
    I’m looking forward to read more of your future research!
    Best wishes !!

  • Khan


    I am most grateful to our very dear Prof. Ingrid and Dr. Kimie for their constant support right from the early days of PhD studies till the time I had my viva. I am proud to be a member of Language-on-the-move. Thanks Vahid, Kerry, Shiva, Li and Guo for your kind wishes. I am honoured.

    I would request our senior professors to consider the options of holding Language-on-the-move conference. I am sure many of us would love to work for it.


  • Dariush Izadi

    Congratulations on your outstanding achievement, Dr Khan. All the best with your future career.
    Looking forward to reading your PhD thesis.

  • Khan

    Thanks Darisuh Izadi for your kind wishes. I shall shortly be sharing the pdf version with all my friends. Thanks once again for your wishes. Greatly appreciated.

  • Maha Nadeem

    Congratulations Mamo! no doubt its a great achievement. I was burst out with Happines when heared about your completion of PhD from Mom. I was so inspired to hear about your scholarship in United States. you are really an inspirational for me.

  • Mohammad Zafar

    Dear Dr Khan and Mrs Khan
    Well done and heartiest Congratulations ! The sky is the limit and when you reach it is only a matter of time. Remember us when you reach there. Congratulations to Bhabi because she was the one who suffered the most during all the hard times.
    Regards and best wishes

  • Lubna Panjwani

    Many Many Congrats Ali ! So happy for you !!

  • Dear sir ALI
    Many Many congratulations… Indeed it is a great achievemts. we had good time with you at AKU-IED and hope that you will continue supporting us in the arena of research in language discourse. Wish you all the best…

    your student Hassan

  • Mir Azhar Ali Talpur

    Dear Dr. Khan,
    we are really pleased to hear that Ph.D. has been awarded to you.
    it was your enthusiastic effort and our prays which led you to success.
    wish you all the best for a bright future in FULL BRIGHT.

  • zakia sarwar

    Dear Mohammad Ali…. In fact, DOCTOR Mohammad Ali

    Heartiest congratulations on your Phd & Fullbright scholarship. I am overjoyed!
    I hope you will actively work for SPELT and share your expertise with colleagues in Pakistan.
    When will you come to study in the US? Please keep in touch.
    Zakia apa