2010 Winners of the ALMA Award

By April 12, 2010News

Applications for the 2010 ALMA Award – the first of its kind – came from around the globe and were more numerous than we ever expected. So, the choice has been a tough one! We’d like to say that it was the number of applicants and the high quality of the applications that is the reason behind the fact that we are a month late unveiling the award (although the truth is more like “We have other things to do …”).

Many thanks to all the applicants, who took the time to send in an application and who thus showed their faith in Language on the Move! And … the winners are: Lachlan Jackson and Muhammad Ali Khan! Lachlan and Khan are both practitioner-researchers, who teach English at universities in Japan and Pakistan respectively, while pursuing their PhD research through Australian and British universities. Both use ethnographic approaches in their multilingualism research and you can read more about their work in their essays, which they submitted as part of their application. Congratulations, Lachlan and Khan, from everyone here at Language on the Move!

Over the next 12 months, we are going to feature Lachlan’s and Khan’s work prominently here at Language on the Move, our Facebook group and on Twitter. They will keep us posted about their work by blogging as well! You can also read their insightful essays, which were part of the application.